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UBL Invoice Elements Description
UBLVersionIDThe version of the UBL standard being used. For example, "2.1" indicates UBL version 2.1.
CustomizationIDIdentifier for a specific customization of the UBL schema. This example, "", indicates a customization according to the European standard EN 16931-1:2017, conformant with a Belgian version from February 14, 2018.
ProfileIDA profile identifier that specifies a particular subset of the UBL standard. Here, "" refers to a Peppol BIS Billing 3.0 profile.
IDThe unique identifier of the invoice. In this case, "2400395".
IssueDateThe date the invoice was issued. Example: "2024-03-29".
InvoiceTypeCodeA code that represents the type of invoice. "380" usually stands for a standard invoice. The attribute listID="UNCL1001" indicates the list in which this code is found.
TaxPointDateThe date on which the tax becomes applicable. Here, it's the same as the issue date, "2024-03-29".
DocumentCurrencyCodeThe currency in which the document amounts are denominated. "EUR" stands for Euro. The listID="ISO4217" attribute denotes that "EUR" is part of the ISO 4217 standard.
Order and Document References Description
OrderReference IDThis section provides a reference to the order associated with this invoice. "NA" might indicate that a specific order ID is not applicable or not provided.
AdditionalDocumentReference IDAn identifier for additional documents related to the invoice, such as "CommercialInvoice" which might indicate a standard document type or a specific reference.
DocumentTypeSpecifies the type of the additional document. "CommercialInvoice" indicates the document is a commercial invoice.
DocumentDescriptionDescription of the document, such as "MEGAWIN 3.5", which may refer to a product name or version detailed in the invoice.
Accounting Supplier Party Information
EndpointIDThe supplier's electronic address or identification, specified by the schemeID "0208". "00000000000" is an example of such an ID.
PartyNameThe official name of the supplier.
PostalAddressDetails about the supplier's postal address, including the street name, city name, postal zone, and country identification code.
PartyTaxSchemeInformation regarding the supplier's tax registration, including the CompanyID and the applicable tax scheme (e.g., "VAT").
PartyLegalEntityThe legal entity details of the supplier, including the RegistrationName and CompanyID.
Accounting Customer Party Information
EndpointIDIndicates the customer's electronic identification, with a schemeID "9925". Example ID is "BE00000000000".
PartyNameThe name of the customer.
PostalAddressInformation about the customer's postal address, including street name, city name, postal zone, and country.
PartyTaxSchemeDetails on the customer's tax registration, including the CompanyID and the tax scheme used.
PartyLegalEntityDescribes the legal entity information for the customer, including the RegistrationName and the CompanyID.
Payment and Tax Details
PaymentMeansCodeThe code for the payment method used, such as "1" which might refer to a bank transfer.
InstructionID and PaymentIDPayment instructions or reference, and a unique identifier for the payment transaction, respectively.
PaymentTerms NoteDescribes the payment conditions, like "0 days after invoice date" for immediate payment.
TaxAmountTotal tax amount for the invoice, such as "6.40 EUR".
TaxSubtotalProvides a breakdown of taxes applied, including the taxable amount, tax amount, and tax category details.
Legal Monetary Total Information
LineExtensionAmountThe sum of all line amounts in the invoice, excluding tax amounts, such as "106.60 EUR".
TaxExclusiveAmountThe total amount of the invoice without taxes, matching the LineExtensionAmount in this case.
TaxInclusiveAmountThe total invoice amount including taxes, calculated as "113.00 EUR".
PrepaidAmountAny amount that has been paid in advance, here shown as "0.00 EUR".
PayableAmountThe total amount payable, which is "113.00 EUR", including all taxes but excluding any prepayments.
Invoice Line Information
IDThe unique identifier for this invoice line, such as "1".
Invoiced QuantityThe quantity of items or services invoiced on this line, "1" with a unit code of "ZZ".
Line Extension AmountThe total amount for this invoice line before taxes, "106.5995 EUR".
Tax TotalDetails about the tax applied to this invoice line, including the total tax amount "6.4 EUR".
ItemInformation about the item or service being invoiced, including a description, name, and detailed tax information.
PriceThe price of a single unit of the item or service, before taxes, "106.5995 EUR".